My Story

I am a businessman, entrepreneur, salesman, trainer, and mentor. I have always been business-oriented since I started my first business cutting grass in high school. I have owned several small businesses from software companies, computer stores, web design companies, restaurants, and real estate agencies. No matter how big or small my companies are or where I was always a hands-on owner and put in 100% everyday 7 days a week. Very rarely will you ever catch me sitting in my office or doing nothing. I am a busy body and when you are in business I feel there is always something to do every minute of everyday.

When I am not working you will find me spending all the time I can with my wife and two kids. When it comes to my daily routine its pretty standard I get up at about 6 am everyday grab my coffee and my iPad and read my email first. Then read the news which consists of mostly business section, technology, classifieds and world news. Then I get ready and go to work.

I work from around 7 am till whenever work is done usually. I very rarely go out to lunch I usually I bring my lunch its healthier and saves time having to run out for something. I get home around 5:30 or 6. Have dinner with my family and spend time with my wife and children. No matter how hard you work you must always make sure your family comes first. After that I may spend more time with my family or if I have work to do I will go up to my office and work until bed time which is around 10 or 11 pm depending on what I need to get done.