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About Me

My Story

Brandon Lipani born May 17, 1985, is a blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur. As a teenager, Brandon was involved in computer votech and pursue college in Information Technology. After graduating college summa cum laude he went on to start his first computer business which became a success then later reincorporated and branched out into advanced systems architecture including Linux and Windows server infrastructure, routing, and security.

Brandon enjoys reading great books from his favorite authors is Kevin Mitnick, Stephen King, Michael Connelly, and many others too many to list. Brandon enjoys a good novels series as well like Harry Bosch, Star Wars and Jason Bourne are always good ways to spend reading time.

Some other things he enjoys are music, movies, computers, and working on his small farm. When he is not writing you will find him spending all the time he can with his wife and two kids.

Brandon has said at many book signings. "I have always wanted to be a writer in some fashion when I was younger I thought I would write for PC Magazine or one of those publications. I think doing blogging and freelance writing is more of a future with newspaper and magazines kind of being on the decline. I worked in the technology industry for 10 years before finding I wanted to write about tech more than fixing tech. Having started in the tech industry I think gives me a much better understanding of where the world is going and how to make money writing. I know I always wanted to be a writer and the passion has always been there I just needed technology to catch up with my vision of what I wanted to do for a living. I knew is my heart I wanted to be a writer I just kind of took the long way to get there."