Business Mentorship Program

Are you new to business? Is this your first year in business? Are just feeling a little… Overwelmed? Unsupported? Unsure if your doing things right?

The Business Mentorship Program is a 1:1 mentorship which helps confidence, strengthens your business practices, improve your time management and helps answer those questions you have.

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Business Consulting

If you are new to business or may need help making things more efficant you may need some business consulting. Certain things like doing taxes, using Quickbooks, making logos, advertising, finding the right advertising media, marketing, finding you target customer, finding your demographic for target marketing, budgeting, financing, leasing, selling, retirement and salesmanship. These are all things business owners need to know

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Speaking Engagements

Are you having an event and want a speaker I can help with that going forward. I can speak on a variety of different topics relating to business, entrepreneurship, and management.

If you have other topics you want me to speak on that can be arranged.

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My Approach To Business

My goal is to help people who want to be successful at their business and to help young entrepreneurs succeed.

In business there is an old saying

"People don't plan for their business to fail they fail to plan their business"

I expect a lot from business owners and entrepreneurs. Anyone that knows me will tell you my favorite sayings are

"Your either in business or your not."

"When your in business your in business 24/7"

"No one will care about your business more then you."

My feelings are as a business owner I give 100% to my work from the minute I get up to the minute I go to sleep.

You are not guaranteed much in life but I can guarantee you it will be hard to find anyone who works harder and cares more about a business succeeding then me.